The idea for this project was sparked from my own frustration with trying to live more sustainably. I was being advertise a multitude of eco-friendly, planet saving products on social media, but found researching these product laborious and frequently ended my day without having purchased anything. I started thinking about what could make this process easier so that more people could jump onboard the sustainable living train.

I looked into some statistics and found that while 66% of consumers were willing to pay more for sustainable products, only 10% of those consumers had actually done so. This huge gap exists in part because of: product availability, lack of clear and enticing marketing, ease of purchase and convenience, price and value of products, and consumers questioning product effectiveness. I made it my mission to try to tackle these issues.

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Traditionally, sustainable and eco-friendly brands consist of neutral earth tones, light weight fonts, and an assuring tone. I wanted to shake up the stereotype and create a brand that was lighthearted, colorful, and exciting. It was important to me that Melio was approachable, transparent, and inviting and I used a vibrant color palette and playful and inclusive tone to help achieve that.


Melio practices what it preaches. The mission is to make sustainable living easier and more attainable for all, and the vision is to create a world where consumers don’t have to make the choice between sustainable and convenient. Melio only sources sustainable and ethical products from companies and individuals who put the environment and their customers before profit. Melio uses 100% recycled post-consumer packaging for shipping, and offsets its carbon emissions with the help of carbon fund.



The website is the heart and soul of Melio and the place where most of the users interaction with the brand would take place. This is where the user would shop for products, engage in the Melio community, and learn more about a sustainable lifestyle and what they can do to lessen their environmental impact.


Key features



It was important for me to think about how Melio itself would practice sustainability as a consumer marketplace. Along with offsetting carbon emissions with Carbon Fund, I found it super important for the products to be shipped in recycled and compostable packaging.